The second European Congress on Media Literacy brought together a variety of people interested in the subject to Bellaria, Italy. Euromeduc organised a congress for further exchange and (…)

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Ofcom’s UK Adults’ Media Literacy interim report published today revealed that almost twice as many internet users now say they have a social networking site profile than in 2007 (38 per cent up (…)

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Ofcom’s UK Children’s Media Literacy interim report published today revealed that there has been an increase in children having internet access in their bedrooms – one third of 12-15s (35 per (…)

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Ofcom Media Literacy Bulletin Issue 25

Ofcom has today published the September edition of the Media Literacy e-bulletin. This edition features items on the UKCCIS Child Internet Safety Summit and Ofcom’s research findings on young people’s online privacy. It also includes coverage of some interesting discussion around the Digital Britain report, as well as information on work carried out by organisations including DC10 Plus, PhonepayPlus and the British Library. Plus, as usual, there is also information on campaigns, news from the Nations and dates for your diary.

The contents include:





The e-bulletin can be found at: