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Mira Media

Mira MediaMira Media’s main goal is to achieve more diversity and ’ethnic’ pluralism by supporting the participation of immigrants in radio, television and interactive media. Mira Media has no broadcasting time but acts as a link between Dutch national and local (public and commercial) broadcasters and society.
Mira Media is an independent co-operative body founded in 1986 by major national migrant organisations in the Netherlands.

Media play a special role in enlightening the public by drawing attention to the growing diversity of cultures in society and audiences. A multicultural broadcasting policy, both in programming and in employment, can have a profound effect on the perceptions and attitudes of the public. The new audiences should be able to recognize themselves in mainstream broadcasting. Integration of cultural diversity in broadcasting demands changes in radio and television programmes and personnel policies. Staff need to be re-trained, diversity management has to be introduced, media training centres need to review their curricula and most importantly, more young people from immigrant and/or ’ethnic minority’ origin will have to be encouraged to opt for a career in the media.

To realise the above, Mira Media was founded in 1986. It was the first Dutch organisation focussing on media and minorities.