CLEMI - France The CLEMI publishes works about the media and the media literacy.It proposes a whole set of resources in aid of the teachers : educational tools, practical and theoretica tracks (...)

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"The reality if I lie" Analysis of the reality tv

Since its appearance in Europe in 1999, the reality tv did not stop evolving and diversifying. Since famous Big Brother, inaugurated by Dutch people, this kind of television became a real phenomenon of society.
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"Internet, it is you" The new practices of the social Internet

In some years, the modes of communication were upset. The home computer became the multimedia indispensable center, whereas Internet aroused the most delirious futuristic fantasies or the most excessive fears.
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Understanding advertising

The advertising is occupying an important place in our everyday life and is constantly evolving, using in particular the new technologies. It is thus indispensable to decode the advertising strategies and to train the young people to make an analysis.
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Educaunet : A critical education to the Internet

EDUCAUNET is a media literacy program focused on Internet, and on the risks linked to its usage. It proposes about twenty activities to teach to the young people from 8 to 18 years old to navigate with responsibility among networks.
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