The media coach is responsible for initiating media projects within a variety of environments and contexts; therefore we talk about individual skills, knowledge and attitude, as well as (...)

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Media coach training process

The media coach training processes pay attention to individual skills and environmental factors.

Individual skills – here defined as the capacity to operate - is developed along three dimensions:

a) doing (operative ability; practical use)

b) knowing critically (or cognitive competence); and, finally,

c) the objective that the skills set should meet; in this case, communication, social relationships, participation (in the public sphere) and creation.

Therefore, when discussing media literacy as a competence, we may distinguish between:

1. Technical skills: skills related to media use;

2. Critical cognitive skills: aspects related to critical comprehension and evaluation about contents and media;

3. Communicative skills, including:

a. social relations;

b. citizen participation.